Don Becker

"Most of the books I read touched on one conspiracy theory or another. They look at various aspects to prove their theory and sometimes try to disprove others. I am going to prove a conspiracy from a different angle, by using the wounds, shots, and bullets. I don't think this approach was used before, at least not in any of the books or articles I read. Let's give it a try and see what happens.

It is accepted the President had three wounds. The throat wound near the Adams apple just above the necktie. The back wound which was 6" below the back of the neck and a couple inches to the right of the spine, although the Warren Commission moved this wound up several inches. And the third wound was the head shot. It is not argued if the President was struck in the head, but the direction of the bullet is the center of most of the controversy. We are not going to discuss the direction of the shot. But keep in mind the metal fragments left in the head wound indicate the missile was frangible ammunition. This point will be important later in our discussion.

The Governor had five wounds. A bullet had entered Connally's back to the left of his right armpit, bounced against his fifth rib, and exited from his chest just below the right nipple. Supposedly the bullet then entered the back of the right wrist, fracturing the radius, then exited the palm side of the wrist and lodged in his left thigh, five to six inches above the knee. Metal fragments were left in the wake of the Governor's wounds indicating it also was frangible ammunition.

The Warren Commission claims there were 3 shots fired. One shot missed the limousine completely and wounded James Tague. One hit the President and Governor Connally, creating 7 wounds; the "magic bullet". The last shot hit the President in the back of the head. The missed projectile was never found and it has not been determined if Tague was wounded by a missile, part of a missile, or debris kicked up by a missile. In order to make the "magic bullet" theory work the Warren Commission had to move the President's back wound up to the base of the neck and claimed this bullet went through the President's neck and exited just above the necktie, going on to create all of Governor Connally's wounds.

The basis of the Warren Commission's three bullet theory is the discovery of three shell casings under the alleged sniper's window in the Texas School Book Depository. One problem with this theory is one of the casings had a dent in it: WC Exhibit 543. The dent made it incapable of holding a bullet, making it impossible to be used in the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. WC Exhibit 545, another casing found in the TSBD, lacked the markings of the bolt of the Carcano rifle. This indicates only one casing could have been used in the assassination, making the Warren Commission's findings totally wrong.

The "Magic bullet" found in the hospital was not proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it was involved in the assassination, yet the Warren Commission claims it caused the 7 wounds of President Kennedy and Governor Connally. The missile was in almost "pristine" condition. The copper jacketing was completely in tact; indicating it was a full metal jacketed bullet, also known as a non-frangible bullet. Full-jacketed ammunition leaves very little metallic fragments in its wake. If the "Magic bullet' was a non-frangible bullet, how could it have caused the President's and the Governor's wounds, which were made by a frangible bullet.


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Don Becker